eco-mélange™... Taylor Home & Fashions' latest innovation. A fabric that finds the balance between nature and fashion by using a unique waterless coloring method. The result creates a beautiful heather effect all in a range of 100% bleachable, BPO safe, soft healing hues.

maintains it's color wash after wash.

This is a method that clearly proves gentleness is stronger than severity.

 According to the World Bank, 17-20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment. There are 72 toxic chemicals in our water that come solely from textile dyeing, of which 30 cannot be removed! Our waterless coloring method saves 100% water and effluent as compared to conventional cotton top dyeing,regular FR reactive dyeing and/or cross dyeing process. Saves energy and low carbon dioxide emission.

   We are pioneering responsible comfort! 

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without blue there is no green

Because the magic is in the yarn our product is not only beautiful and soft to the touch its versatile!

Our products can range from bedding and bath to apparel. 

We are making affordable "Green Living" attainable to the masses without sacrificing quality or style!  

Since no dyeing is involved in our waterless coloring process,

Our costing is

comparable to that of white goods for all of our colored heather,

as compared to double the cost for conventional top dyed  heather grey.